Privacy Policy

Hey Hows it goin! I’ve gone out of my way to make sure this site is gathering as little data as possible. I might store some cookies on your machine for the sake of usability, and if you submit your email address to my list it gets added to my Mailchimp mailing list. Lets cover that in some more detail.


A cookie is a small text file stored on your device. This site may use cookies for the sake of usability. For example if I put up a store notice and you dismiss it, the site will store the fact that you dismissed the notice in a cookie so you don’t have to see and dismiss the same notice over and over again. Thats it. I won’t use cookies to track your behavior, and I will not gather any data about you to sell to a third party.


I do have a newsletter. Personally I think its quite good and I don’t even send it out that often. Currently my newsletter is hosted on Mailchimp (currently owned by intuit), so if you submit your email address, it will also be subject to their Privacy Policy. You can unsubscribe from my email list at any time by following the link at the bottom of any of my newsletters.